Media firm launches white label CBD business

A multimedia company is launching a white label division as part of its Better Mind CBD business.

Las Vegas-based Tech Central is launching the white label - a product or service produced by one company that other companies rebrand - for customers that desire their own line.

The announcement follows Tech Central’s recent launch of Better Mind CBD, a CBD line using initial proprietary formulas called Sleep, Anxiety, Inflammation and Stress.

White label clients can select existing hemp oil products from Better Mind’s catalogue, or develop custom formulas.

Once the customer finalises their formulas, the firm’s design team that will work with them to create a brand.

Company President Joseph Lewis said: “We saw right away that white labelling was going to be an important service to offer to our customers.

“Tech Central has the ability to stand out in the crowd since Better Mind CBD will not only be able to offer white label services, but also services Tech Central has been doing for years such ad label development, website development, and media creation to its clients.”

Cannabis is legal for recreational use in Nevada since effective January 2017 and the state is a legal weed hotspot. The state licenses growers and distributors, but citizens of Nevada are banned from growing their own cannabis unless they live more than 25 miles from a licensed dispensary.

Tech Central was formed as a Media Company engaging in online video and photography content development and distribution; and website and mobile app technology integration design and development.

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