State Suspends Two Medical Marijuana Stores in Colorado Springs

The state of Colorado has suspended the business licenses of two medical marijuana dispensaries in Colorado Springs.

A “Notice of Suspension” notice, in red bold letters, has been posted on the doors of both 506 N. Chelton Road and the 2218 N. Academy Place Canna Meds Wellness Centers. For alleged violations of the Colorado Marijuana Code, the state licensing authority has suspended the “controlled marijuana business licenses for these properties.”

Canna Meds owner Chris Rice would not comment to 13 Investigates on why his company’s licenses had been revoked. On Facebook, he instead said, “After being an essential part of the marijuana movement for the state of Colorado we are very unhappy at the state’s actions.”

13 Investigates has attempted to get more information on the suspension from the state’s Marijuana Enforcement Division but has not yet received a response. State records show that no official action has been taken, thus the licenses could be issued again.

In any case, this isn’t the first time Canna Meds has broken the law regarding marijuana in this state. According to health and public safety advice given by the state of Colorado in May 2022, Canna Meds Wellness Center’s production of medical marijuana contained “possibly dangerous levels of Total Yeast and Mold on Medical Marijuana flower (bud/shake/trim).”

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