Report finds government communication failures

A report by the Health and Social Care Committee
has found that the UK government failed to properly communicate its stance on medicinal

The conclusion of the special report also found the
hopes of patients and their families who are waiting to receive treatment were
unfairly raised over the decision to allow doctors to prescribe cannabis.

MPs on the committee said members of the public had
a reasonable expectation to have immediate access to prescriptions following
the change of law nine months ago which meant cannabis products could be legally
prescribed to some patients.

From November 2018, the treatments were allowed to
be prescribed by specialist doctors in distinct cases where other available medicines
had proved unsuccessful.

The change of law came on the back of a public
outcry after two youngsters with severe epilepsy had been denied access to cannabis

The report also stated that the delays in
communicating to the public meant that many products were still unlicensed, effectively
holding back the UK’s rapidly-expanding cannabis industry.

Doctors too were receiving the ire of concerned
patients and their families for not having enough information about the law

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