Relevium buys Weedsense for $2m

Relevium Technologies has bought a Canadian wholesale and distribution cannabis company as part of a $2m deal.

Relevium, through its Ontario-based subsidiary Biocannabix, has acquired 100% of Weedsense - a business that is building a wholesale and distribution facility just outside of downtown Montreal.

Weedsense will be purchasing wholesale or bulk products from other Health Canada-licensed producers or processors and will be distributing cannabis and cannabis-derived products directly to medical patients.

Excess capacity at the facility may be rented out once fully
licensed, and Weedsense can and may act as a secured storage facility or third-party
logistics partner for other market participants.

Dave Shepard, CEO and Co-Founder of Weedsense, said: “We began the transactional process with Relevium in May for a direct investment and, through the last few months, both parties concluded that a full acquisition was the most beneficial avenue for generating shareholder value as well as executing on the buildup of the Weedsense facility.”

Canada legalised cannabis in October 2018

Fellow co-founder and COO Sasha Asgary, COO added: “The intended purpose of Weedsense is to solve some of the major supply chain issues that are prevalent in the cannabis market today which include getting products to the medical and recreational markets.


“We think that, in collaboration with Relevium, Weedsense
will be in a position to offer a superior user experience to all potential
customer and client verticals be it on a D2C or B2B basis or as a service
provider within the industry.”

Canada legalised cannabis in October 2018 and the industry has soared over the last year.

Aurelio Useche, CEO of Releviu, said: “The acquisition of
Weedsense is an important milestone for Relevium and Biocannabix as the
acquisition of this late stage applicant will help us accelerate our path in
distributing cannabis products within our home market in Canada.

“This will be the beginning of generating significant
Canadian revenues under Biocannabix. We are thrilled to have executed this
agreement and look forward to working with Dave and Sasha on building out the
facility and building up the business.”

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