On Friday, Some Missouri Dispensaries Might Begin Selling Recreational Marijuana!

On Friday, Missouri adults may be able to legally purchase marijuana for recreational use.

At that time, medical marijuana dispensaries in Missouri can start applying for and receiving recreational marijuana licences from the state’s Department of Health and Senior Services.

Once a dispensary is granted a recreational sales licence, it may immediately begin serving those consumers.

Both consumers and sellers were caught off guard by this afternoon’s announcement that some medical marijuana dispensaries will be allowed to sell recreationally beginning tomorrow.

Businesses and those looking to buy were caught off guard by the news.

“It was kind of news to us as well,” said Green Releaf Dispensaries CEO Erik Hackett. “Like the general population, we were anticipating the sixth, but this afternoon we received word that we did not have to wait once licences were issued.”

Prior to this announcement, DHSS reported that 318 of the 322 medicinal marijuana dispensaries in the state had applied for complete licences.

Numerous new regulations for recreational marijuana use have been approved by the MHSS and will go into force this Friday. Each dispensary and the recreational user is responsible for ensuring their own compliance with the law.

By Monday, the state must have notified every dispensary that has applied to convert a licence.


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