On February 6, Missouri Residents Over 21 Will Be Able To Buy Recreational Marijuana!

On February 6, Missouri Residents Over 21 Will Be Able To Buy Recreational Marijuana!

Beginning on February 6, medical marijuana dispensaries that have been given permission to stock cannabis for adults over 21 can begin selling it. The “great majority” of Missouri’s medical marijuana dispensaries—up to 97%—have submitted applications to add adult-use marijuana to their product lines, according to Lisa Cox, the department’s director of communications.

Dispensaries must submit any outstanding applications for a comprehensive license by February 6, according to Cox. Since December 8, it has been lawful for adults to possess up to 3 ounces of marijuana. But starting on February 6, customers will be able to buy up to 3 ounces from a Missouri-licensed dispensary.

Adults who want to purchase marijuana from a licensed dispensary must do so with a legitimate government-issued ID. While some dispensaries exclusively accept cash, others will allow debit card purchases. Since marijuana is still prohibited by federal law, dispensaries are unable to take credit card payments.

On February 6, Missouri Residents Over 21 Will Be Able To Buy Recreational Marijuana!

Amendment 3 laid out the rules for adult-use marijuana, and voters approved it by a margin of 53.1% on November 8. During that election, Missouri became the 21st state to legalize recreational marijuana. The DHSS reports that the former 4-ounce limit for medical marijuana patients has been increased to a maximum of 6 ounces in a 30-day period under the new regulations.

A state sales tax of 6% will be charged for every purchase. According to Amendment 3, the proceeds from the tax will be split between Missouri’s public defense system, drug addiction treatment, and veterans’ benefits. Local governments may potentially levy an additional tax of up to 3%, while the DHSS states that the tax rate on medical marijuana transactions will remain at 4%.

A proposition asking voters to adopt a 3% tax on marijuana purchases in the city was authorized by the Columbia City Council for the ballot on April 4. An analogous 3% tax initiative that would be levied on marijuana transactions made in the county would have been approved by the Boone County Commission for the April 4 ballot.

On February 6, Missouri Residents Over 21 Will Be Able To Buy Recreational Marijuana!

The amendment provides that anywhere tobacco smoking is forbidden, marijuana smoking in public shall also be outlawed. The maximum criminal and civil penalty for smoking marijuana in an undesignated area are $100. It’s not allowed to use marijuana while driving, sell marijuana outside of the legal system, transport marijuana into another state, or use it on school or work property.

On February 7, the High Profile dispensary on Interstate 70 Drive in Columbia will open to adult-use customers. C3 Industries, which has 20 facilities spread across three states, including five in Missouri, is the owner of High Profile. The state examined the dispensary’s inventory and compliance performance, according to Angela Augustine, director of stores, to ensure that there were no severe violations throughout the application process.

At High Profile, a staff member known as a “budtender” will assist customers as they make their purchases. The budtender will meet customers and lead them to the sales floor, or bud room after they have checked in with their ID. On the sales floor, High Profile maintains a customer-to-budtender ratio of 1:1. According to state regulations, there must be a 3-1 ratio.

On February 6, Missouri Residents Over 21 Will Be Able To Buy Recreational Marijuana!

According to Abby Kramer, area manager for Missouri, “High Profile is incredibly passionate about the environment that we create and the relationships that we make with the patients and consumers.” In order to “help lead them in the direction that would be most helpful for them,” Kramer said, the budtender will ask consumers what they hope to gain out of their marijuana experience as well as how they wish to ingest the plant.

Buds, candies, pre-rolled joints, patches, vapes, concentrates, topicals, and tinctures—drops to put under the tongue—are just some of the marijuana products that High Profile sells. They offer a wide range of marijuana strains that provide the client with various sensations, according to Kramer. According to Kramer, prices will vary greatly based on the type, concentration, and strain of marijuana that is purchased.

According to the website for High Profile, costs can range from $10 for a 1-gram pre-roll to more than $300 for an ounce of raw cannabis. Additionally, Cloud Clover, a Missouri-grown flower that is sold under the High Profile brand, is available for purchase. Personal cultivation is the next stage in the amendment’s marijuana roll-out strategy. According to the agency, DHSS will start accepting applications for personal cultivation on February 6.

On February 6, Missouri Residents Over 21 Will Be Able To Buy Recreational Marijuana!

By June 6, microbusiness application forms will be accessible, and the department will start accepting them on or before September 4. According to the website, a wholesale or microbusiness dispensary is “intended to provide a path to facility ownership for those who otherwise may not easily access that opportunity.” This includes people whose net wealth are less than $250,000, veterans who have a handicap due to their service, or anyone who has personally suffered because of marijuana prohibition.

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