Mohegan Sun Will Host the Connecticut Cannabis Expo On March 25th and 26th

Since recreational cannabis sales started on January 10, stores have been opening all over the state, and now Mohegan Sun is hosting a cannabis convention.

The event, which will take place at the Uncas Ballroom on March 25 and 26, will give cannabis businesses and advocacy groups a place to talk.

According to Xpocanna’s website, the trade show will be put on by XpoCanna Cannabis Conventions and Exhibitions. Local medical marijuana dispensaries and growers, researchers, doctors, investors, and regulators will all be there. Some of the things that will be sold are cannabis accessories, CBD hemp extract products that don’t have THC, and products that are made with cannabis.

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The X Cup cannabis competition is also set to happen. The Xpocanna website says that judges will give prizes to the “best cannabis products from New England.” There are categories for Indica, Sativa, pre-roll, enhanced pre-roll, concentrates, edibles, tinctures, and capsules in the competition. To enter the competition, people must pay $200.

There will also be panel discussions and question-and-answer sessions about cannabis-related political issues, laws, and business opportunities.

Tickets for a single day cost $20, and tickets for the whole weekend cost $30.


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