Mighty Green’s Claudia Le Feuvre and the battle against cowboy CBD

A nutritional therapist behind a UK CBD company has declared
war on ‘cowboys’ in the industry.

Claudia Le Feuvre, who is also an eating psychology coach working with the Russian national golf team, is the co-founder of Mighty Green, which supplies coffee and other products infused with CBD.

She discovered CBD a couple of years ago after working with
a client with fibromyalgia, a medical condition characterised by chronic
widespread pain that is also linked to depression, anxiety and post-traumatic
stress disorder.

But after researching the emergent sector, Claudia was stunned to discover just how poor standards among CBD suppliers were - and decided to do something about it.

She said: “I looked into the marketplace and there are so
many discrepancies and a lack of standards.

“I was alarmed and it’s something I wanted to get into, I
wanted to bring credible products into the marketplace.

“I hope to bring credibility to the industry by sourcing
high quality CBD products. We’re trying to create a brand that customers will

“I think the market is going to change dramatically.”

Cannabissimo is stocked by Mighty Green

Claudia predicts a new professional body will emerge that
will require producers to pay “prohibitively high fees”.

“It will flush out a lot of cowboys,” she added. “It’s
probably a good thing.”

Much of the problem that lies with CBD is that it is incredibly consumer-led, and practitioners still need guidance about it.

She said: “Practitioners are nervous about the word cannabis.

“Many don’t talk about CBD as it’s difficult to find
credible research. We’re training practitioners about the science, the research
and the doses of CBD.”

As well as coffee, Mighty Green sells CBD drops and is introducing
a range of cosmetic products.

Claudia co-founded the business with Mike Balfour OBE, a
health industry pioneer and founder of Fitness First heath clubs around the

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