Michigan Suspends a Marijuana Processor And Warns That Products Were Made With Illegal THC Oil!


On Tuesday, February 21st, the Michigan Cannabis Regulation Agency banned TAS Asset Holdings, a marijuana processing company based in Lansing that has been suspected of using illegal marijuana in the products it has produced.

According to a news release from the CRA, the agency intends to revoke the company’s permits to process marijuana into goods for sale in the retail medicinal and recreational marijuana markets. According to a bulletin sent by the CRA.

The marijuana flower Fwaygo Extracts brand Space Rocks created by TAS Asset Holdings and coated with THC isolate to improve strength was made using unlawful isolate, meaning it was not a licensed, tested product and may be dangerous.

Once the company’s vaping goods failed safety tests for containing the illegal pesticide bifenthrin, the CRA began investigating the company’s actions. Video analysis led CRA agents to discover that the THC extract used to produce the vaping cartridges had not been licensed, tested, or documented in the METRC statewide monitoring system.

The CRA found “several locations that were unclean and disorganized and had leaking containers of various process stages of marijuana and garbage” during their inspection. “The CRA investigators discovered an unapproved.

The unlicensed warehouse is being used as part of the permitted business,” and they “observed different untagged marijuana items including flower, distillate, concentrates, and THCa powder in the unapproved warehouse.”

Three plastic-wrapped barrels of something, two black totes of something, and a number of canning jars full of oil were also found. None of the marijuana goods discovered in the forbidden area bore METRC tags, and there were no surveillance cameras in the room.

Inspectors were informed by a TAS Asset Holdings employee that the company’s “signature product,” Fwaygo Extracts Space Rocks, was laced with THCa powder, an illegal dry form of marijuana extract. Twenty-three separate infractions were cited in the CRA’s formal charges against the company.

In order to establish whether or not the license suspensions should remain in effect, the corporation may request a hearing to defend the claims, as is required under state law. According to the CRA‘s electronic licensing database.

TAS Asset Holdings is also the listed owner of another Lansing processing business, one that goes by the name Noble Road and that is in good standing with its licensing authority. Another Corunna processing facility was shut down earlier this month after the CRA received reports that it was in possession of unmarked cannabis.

Director of the Cannabis Regulation Authority Brian Hanna has pledged to increase enforcement actions against disreputable marijuana enterprises that may be breaching the laws or using and selling illegal marijuana that did not originate in the licensed market. The businesses that handle marijuana after it has been harvested are under further scrutiny.

It is the agency’s intention, according to Hanna, to conduct surprise inspections of the state’s largest processors once every three months. During an October press conference, Hanna said, “There are stories of trucks driving around with (THC) oil, going licensee to licensee, giving illicit oil at a lesser price.”

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