Mexico will legalise cannabis this month

The leader of Mexico’s ruling political party – Senator Ricardo Monreal – has confirmed his country will fully legalise cannabis by the end of the month.

Monreal, head of the MORENA party, said the public consultation over the prospect of Mexican marijuana legalisation had ended, with the majority of the public heavily in favour of legalisation.

added that the government was close to finalising a reform bill that would be
enacted without delay.

thinking that we’ll bring the law out, approve it, at the end of October,” he

the schedule we have.”

The swift
action would suggest that Mexico’s lawmakers are keen to meet a Supreme Court
deadline set last year. Officials had made it clear they believed a nationwide
ban on personal possession, cultivation and use of cannabis was
unconstitutional, and urged the ruling party to set the legalisation structure
in stone before the end of October 2019.

Calls for the Mexican authorities to go even further by regulating production, supply and sales at a federal level are also gaining momentum. Many senior figures believe regulation would guarantee quality produce and prevent cartels from operating bootleg supplies.

This, however, is a level that Monreal is keen to reach but stresses the government must focus on the current steps required to deliver full legalisation to Mexico. He has also made it clear that he does not want the marijuana programme to be controlled by the state, instead suggesting that an independent body takes charge.

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