Mexico ‘ready’ to legalise cannabis next month

Mexico’s government this week set the wheels in motion for full legalisation of recreational marijuana.

Following a nationwide consultation last month in a series of public meetings, Mexico’s lawmakers agreed to honour the pledge to discuss the prospect of making cannabis legal.

The move
came following a Supreme Court ruling last year that declared ‘prohibiting
personal use of cannabis is unconstitutional’.

ruling set in motion moves towards legislation that would allow the Latin
American giant to relax current laws around marijuana.

A series
of countrywide hearings ran on August 12, 14 and 16 allowing the public to have
their say on various elements of law reform surrounding a host of topics from
full legalisation of recreational cannabis to medical marijuana.

results of those consultations – hailed as ‘overwhelmingly in favour of
legalisation’ – are now in front of government ministers who are expected to ‘enact
the will of the people’.

According to the leader of the Upper House’s Morena Party – Ricardo Monreal Avila – the Senate’s committees are reviewing 13 proposals on how to make legalisation work.

Speed and enthusiasm

The speed
and enthusiasm for ushering through legislation to legalise cannabis in Mexico
is, according to US-based Mexican political expert Jonathon Winterburn,
“absolutely remarkable”.

“Look, make
no bones about it, this is almost done and dusted as far as the ruling parties
are concerned,” he told The Leaf Desk.

“This is no longer a case of ‘if’ Mexico will legalise cannabis, but more a question of ‘when’ it will legalise it.

“And the
answer to that seems to already be coming the Senado de Mexico where the Morena
Party is basically saying legislation could be drawn up before the end of

“That being
the case it would be safe to assume this will pass as a bill in central
government law in the first half of 2020.

“It is highly likely now that Mexico will become the next country in the world to legalise cannabis.”

Next steps

The next
steps, according to a
former director of the United States Office of National Drug Control Policy,
will be to focus on regulation.

Gil Kerlikowske attended a
summit at the Senate last week to debate legalisation and regulation –
something he insisted would be paramount to the success of legislation.

Highlighting the need to protect
young people from the risks of marijuana through strict control, he said: “We
have to make sure that young people don’t use and are not exposed to this

The former US Customs and Border
Protection commissioner for ex-president Barack Obama, urged the Mexican authorities
to ensure revenue raised from the taxation of cannabis was ploughed into drug
rehabilitation, education programmes, and also methods of combatting any
backlash from the drugs cartels.

“If you want a controlled environment for marijuana, you have to do everything possible to eliminate the black market,” he concluded.

The Leaf Desk will deliver updates from the Mexican Senate as soon as they become available

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