Little Green Pharma ships medical cannabis to Germany

Close-up of cannabis bud

Little Green Pharma has become the first Australian company to export a locally-grown medicinal cannabis product to Germany.

The company, which is 40% owned by Elixxer, has now entered the German market by supplying samples of its commercial products to German cannabis distribution and wholesaler Cansativa for product testing.

Little Green Pharma managing director, Fleta Solomon, said: “Being Australia’s first local producer of medicinal cannabis to have its products reach European soil is a major milestone in the company’s short history.

Elixxer owns 40% of Little Green Pharma

“This partnership with Cansativa also highlights that our goal of bringing high-quality, cost-competitive Australian-produced medicinal cannabis to patients around the world has become a reality.

“We are thrilled to be working with a company of Cansativa’s standing, with this partnership just the beginning in LGP achieving its global export goal.” 

Germany is one of the fastest growing markets for medicinal cannabis in Europe since its legalisation in 2017.

However, domestic cultivation has lagged due to delays in the tendering process which has resulted in product having to be imported in order to meet the increased demand, a press release states.

Cansativa co-founder and co-managing director Benedikt Sons added: “This partnership underlines Cansativa’s aspiration to provide security of supply in the German market and is an important step for commercialising Australian cannabis in Europe.

“This agreement is an important step in ensuring security of supply for patients in Germany”

Benedikt Sons

“LGP will help us to tackle the growing supply problems in the German market and secure the amount of deliveries necessary to meet the increasing demands by patients. This agreement is an important step in ensuring security of supply for patients in Germany.

“Cansativa has aggregated a lot of know-how over the last year regarding process reliability, dealing with authorities, market structure, competition, and the necessary legal expertise.

“With the Australian import, we underscore our ambition to provide security of supply through global sourcing.”