LAFD Reports: Eight Students Possibly Sickened By Marijuana Gummies At Sun Valley School

Authorities say that eight students in Sun Valley were taken to the hospital Wednesday for a “sudden illness” that may have been caused by eating marijuana gummies.

The Los Angeles Fire Department says that several students at Sun Valley Magnet School got sick out of the blue and were treated by crews. The fire department said that the group of students is made up of both boys and girls aged 12 to 16.

Five of them were sent to hospitals in the area, and the other three were given back to their parents.

LAFD Reports: Eight Students Possibly Sickened By Marijuana Gummies At Sun Valley School

“Even though all eight patients were found on the campus of Sun Valley Magnet School, LAUSD officials still need to confirm how each one may be connected to the campus,” LAFD said in a report.

AIR7 HD flew over the school campus on Bakman Avenue, where there were a number of fire trucks parked.

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Lt. Nina Buranasombati of The Los Angeles School Police Department Said the Following:

“We found out today that some students at Sun Valley Magnet School had a medical problem. The school asked for medical help out of an abundance of caution.

First responders are keeping a close eye on the students so that they can be evaluated further. Because of privacy and confidentiality laws, we can’t say anything else about what happened. But the student’s parents have been told and all Los Angeles Unified rules were followed.

The campus remains safe and open for instruction.”


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