Knoxville Police Check Rental Vehicle And Discover 19 Kilograms Of Marijuana!

Last week, police in Knoxville detained a man from Michigan after discovering 19 pounds of marijuana during a traffic stop. Felony drug charges have been brought against Jose Armas-Pena, 61, of Sinclaire, Michigan, after he was detained by the Knoxville Police Department on January 19th.

On I-75 South at Emory Road, authorities stopped a rental Toyota Prius because it had an expired registration, according to court filings. Officers stated that when questioned if there was a chance that there might be drugs in the car, Armas-Pena displayed obvious signs of anxiety.

According to reports, he admitted to authorities that he had previously been found guilty of selling marijuana. During a search, a K9 alerted police to the smell of drugs. According to the general sessions docket, Armas-Pena admitted to having 19 pounds of marijuana in the duffle bag in the trunk when the police again questioned if there were any illegal things in the vehicle.

After having his Miranda rights read to him, Armas-Pena allegedly stated that he grows marijuana plants at home and distributes the drugs in Florida because he “gets more money down there.” “Excellent preemptive action by KPD narcotics interdiction officers who stopped a rented automobile last Thursday morning as it was traveling south on I-75.

A man from Detroit, Michigan was arrested as a result of the stop, and around 19 pounds of marijuana that were headed to Florida were seized. Well done! In a Facebook post, the Knoxville Police Department stated. On February 2, he is due to be arraigned in Knox County court.

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