Massachusetts Better Business Bureau Reports Online Marijuana Dispensary Scams

Massachusetts legalized marijuana delivery services last year, but the state’s BBB has since received accusations of internet scams aimed at those who have taken advantage of the new market.

On January 20th, a consumer complained that a company was pretending to be a marijuana delivery service in order to scam them out of money.

While it’s convenient to do your shopping without leaving the house, doing so can make you a target of online scammers. Before making a purchase from a marijuana shop online, make sure you’ve done your homework. Since you’re paying with a digital wallet service like Zelle or CashApp, the company can seem authentic.

Complaints to the Better Business Bureau allege that victims were asked to pay more money beyond the first consultation and medication cost to cover “delivery insurance” or a “standard fee” for new customers. Typically, the charge is a few hundred dollars, and a refund is promised after the merchandise is shipped.

After the transaction is complete, the business can no longer be contacted. When using a digital wallet app to transfer funds, the chances of getting your money back are low, as reported by the Better Business Bureau.

Don’t give in! Following the completion of a transaction, the company and the person with whom you spoke will be inaccessible until further notice. If you have already transmitted the money using a digital wallet programme, it is quite doubtful that you will be able to retrieve it.

A comparable deception involves the theft of money and the delivery of counterfeit goods. A customer bought some food from a firm that seemed legit. “I put one of the meals in my mouth and tasted chemicals and experienced a burning feeling,” the customer said after trying the product.

The Better Business Bureau offers the following tips for consumers:

• Research the business before you buy.
• Use digital wallet apps with caution, if you find out you were scammed after sending money, you won’t be able to get a refund.
• Don’t pay for services or products before you receive them.

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