How Revivals Converted New York Into Weed City?

How Revivals Converted New York Into Weed City?

There is a proliferation of illegal pot shops in New York City. It appeared to occur seemingly out of nowhere. Pre-roll THC joints are now widely available, as are edibles, and banners advertising them have sprung up overnight outside smoking businesses, and many convenience stores. Marijuana is everywhere in Gotham.

Just what the heck happened here? Wokeness. Permit me to elaborate. New York state-authorized marijuana for recreational use 20 months ago, but with a few caveats. The state has opted to compensate those who have been convicted of Marijuana-related crimes by awarding practically all retail marijuana licenses to those individuals.

Put aside the absurdity of rewarding criminal behavior in this way and consider the reality that the first 36 licenses were issued just last month. Thirty-six. Following the legalization in March 2021, hundreds of unauthorized stores have sprouted up.

How Revivals Converted New York Into Weed City?

Now Mayor Eric Adams says we need to crack down on illegal marijuana vendors and give them stiffer punishments or the legal stores owned by ex-cons will go out of business. Adams argues that we must increase the punishment for selling marijuana illegally so that those who were unfairly punished for doing so in the past can sell marijuana legally.

This is ludicrousness even Lewis Carroll didn’t have room for in “Alice in Wonderland.” It is a textbook example of the damage done by progressive works and their regressive objectives. Over the past decade, cities and states around the world have authorized retail marijuana sales by establishing clear, concise, and transparent regulatory frameworks. Basically, it’s a piece of cake.

Instead, the state of New York “centered equity” in its policies, as the progressives like to say. While the board in charge of it all spent nearly two years on their toes trying to figure out how to give ex-convicts a monopoly on this new market, businesses who would have been happy to play by fair rules just set up shop.

How Revivals Converted New York Into Weed City?

The state is now punishing them for an offense that it insists never should have been criminalized. Justify your position. Condensed here is a list of problems with legislation based on impractical reparations that open the door to the underground market.

Edibles that appear like regular sweets are offered, and children are able to buy and consume them without parental supervision despite the fact that the sales are not taxed, underage customers are not checked, and the items may or may not be safe and are supplied by criminal cartels.

What we have here is the result of a political elite in New York that is more concerned with political posturing than with enacting effective policy. The misguided progressives in charge in New York could have favored criminals in the Marijuana trade in a number of ways that would not have led to a lawless frontier for cannabis products like flowers, e-cigarettes, and brownies. Financial aid for businesses, such as tax credits or business loans.

How Revivals Converted New York Into Weed City?

Because they didn’t want the privileged (read: white, wealthy, or conservative) to succeed in this new business, they decided to stifle it. What happened then? Is this a new group of criminals that has to be targeted by law enforcement, and if so, who? It is underprivileged who deserve our support, not the rich.

A pity is that there may be no turning back now. Why should the New York Police Department (NYPD) spend time and money on licensing concerns for a legally sanctioned industry when the crime is already rampant in the city? Most New Yorkers get their grass from the corner store. There is no way they will put up with legal dispensaries today.

How Revivals Converted New York Into Weed City?

A common expression is “Go woke and go broke.” And this is the best possible illustration: New York State, which is already financially strapped, has sacrificed millions in marijuana sales tax revenue for the sake of a ridiculous ideology. You’ve arrived in Weed Town. No amount of progressive manpower or animal sacrifice will ever restore sanity to marijuana legislation.

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