How Did Delta-9 Gummies Compare To Smoked Marijuana?

How Did Delta-9 Gummies Compare To Smoked Marijuana?

The main way to consume marijuana for many years was through smoking. Users felt privileged to obtain Mexican brick cannabis with a low THC content because the plant was totally outlawed. But in recent years, a significant transformation has taken place. Now, more than a third of states have legalized marijuana for recreational use.

Price reductions and a plethora of new products have been brought about by the sharp increase in competition. The delta-9 gummies in particular are creating a storm as one of the most well-liked cannabis treats right now.

It pays to consider how they differ before you look to get something like Premium Jane’s delta-9 gummies or marijuana flower. To assist you in selecting the marijuana intake technique that is ideal for you, this article compares marijuana that is eaten versus marijuana that is inhaled.

Speed of Effects

How Did Delta-9 Gummies Compare To Smoked Marijuana?

You’ll likely experience the effects of marijuana smoking right away. In fact, some users claim that within a few seconds, their high becomes apparent. The THC is transported to your lungs when you smoke marijuana. It immediately travels from there to your bloodstream and subsequently your brain. Using edibles like delta-9 gummies, however, causes the benefits to take significantly longer to manifest.

The first 30 minutes are probably when you won’t feel anything. In fact, some users can discover that it takes as long as two hours. During this time, you can’t take any more THC. If not, you risk getting a bigger high than you anticipated! The marijuana travels to your stomach first after ingesting delta-9 gummies.

How Did Delta-9 Gummies Compare To Smoked Marijuana?

Before the D9 enters your bloodstream and brain, it first passes via your liver. It is because of this drawn-out journey that the benefits take so long to become apparent. With marijuana that has been smoked, the peak effects start to show after around 30 minutes. The peak high from a delta-9 gummy, in contrast, may not be felt for up to four hours.

Strength and Duration of High

Marijuana smoking might have effects that linger for up to six hours. According to the strength of the strain you apply, you can have aftereffects for up to 24 hours. The high from delta-9 gummies can last up to 12 hours, and lingering effects might be felt the next day.

The THC doesn’t go through the digestive system when you smoke marijuana, thus it has a higher bioavailability than edibles, according to proponents of the practice. Even though this is true, it does not explain why delta-9 gummies have stronger effects.

How Did Delta-9 Gummies Compare To Smoked Marijuana?

When the edible enters your liver, the liver changes the THC into a more potent version called 11-hydroxy-THC. Strong than delta-9 THC, this metabolic byproduct is. Therefore, compared to eating a 25mg delta-9 gummy, smoking a marijuana flower that contains 25mg of delta-9 will result in a less intense experience.


The impact smoking marijuana has on your health is one of the main problems with the practice. Whether you like it or not, breathing in the combustion byproducts of plants is bad for your lungs. The lighter you use has a flame with a temperature of at least 600 degrees Fahrenheit, and frequently higher.

You should have no trouble seeing the damage that inhaling such heated material can cause to your lungs! In addition, carcinogenic chemicals are released during combustion. The majority of the advantageous terpenes and cannabinoids are also lost when you heat your marijuana to this degree.

How Did Delta-9 Gummies Compare To Smoked Marijuana?

The delta-9 gummies you take are far healthier for you than marijuana smoke, provided they are from a trustworthy source. You avoid breathing in carcinogens and protect your lungs. Edibles deliver a dose that has been pre-measured and preserves a high level of chemicals.

Final Thoughts on Smoking Marijuana Versus Delta-9 Gummies

Between smoking marijuana and taking delta-9 gummies, there is a huge difference. Although all ways of intake result in an exhilarating high, the intensity and duration of the experience vary. You will experience the benefits more quickly if you smoke marijuana. The high from delta-9 gummies, however, is stronger and lasts longer.

How Did Delta-9 Gummies Compare To Smoked Marijuana?

Additionally, by using delta-9 gummies, you can avoid subjecting your lungs to the harm of breathing in extremely hot plant debris. The morning following a marijuana session, you won’t have to worry about the stale smell of smoke on your clothes.

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