Is cannabis culture here to stay?

cannabis culture

Cannabis culture is becoming more prominent by the day. In a recent survey, 62% of Americans said that they thought the use of cannabis should be legalised.  And it’s not just Americans that support legalisation either. Politicians, health practitioners, and even businesses have changed their approach to cannabis and its culture. 

The industry is set for dramatic growth in the future as well. It is projected to expand at a CAGR of 23.9% by 2025. On the surface, figures would suggest that cannabis culture isn’t just another trend that’s about to fade away anytime soon. Below, we take a look at what could make cannabis culture a mainstay in society. 

What is cannabis culture?

Cannabis culture is built around a shared set of values, centered around the consumption of cannabis – whether that’s through smoking or edibles. The community consists of recreational and medical users who often campaign for better access, legalisation, and decriminalisation. In some instances, it has even brought communities together under the guise of religion

The community has even spurred its own idiosyncrasies in terms of language, with people coming together to celebrate 4/20, enjoy wake-and-bake routines, and to hotbox.

Regulation changes cultures

Cannabis culture is more than just a trend, with policymakers making it an integral part of some societies. Historically, it has strong ties to India and Jamaica. More recently, in Canada, for example, recreational and medical cannabis have both been legalised. This isn’t true for everywhere, though. 

In places such as the UK, medical cannabis isn’t easily accessible, and using cannabis for recreational activities is still illegal. However, as the industry continues to evolve and general demand increases, it appears that cannabis could slowly embed itself into even the most reluctant of locations. This positive sentiment was seen recently where MPs claimed cannabis could be legalised in the UK within the next five years.

Pop culture can promote cannabis

Regulation is beginning to formalise cannabis culture as part of many societies. But it’s not just policymakers that are solidifying the culture. With channels such as Netflix and Vice presenting programmes such as Disjointed and Weediquette, you don’t have to look too far to find that cannabis is changing the landscape of society. 

The culture is no longer just about consumption of the plant itself. It also encompasses the consumption of cannabis-related media. This also increasingly involves retail advertisements as CBD-based wellness products hit more stores everyday. It is important to remember, however, that not all of these products have been regulated. 

Investors believe in cannabis

While the demand for cannabis and cannabis-related products increases, there is certainly a profit to be made. The number of businesses in the space is increasing – from cultivators to equipment providers, right through to biotech firms creating new developments. But it’s not just businesses who can profit, it’s individual investors too. 

Although investing in cannabis stocks is high-risk, its projected growth means that investment could bring about high value. Some publicly owned cannabis stocks, such as Canopy Growth Corp, are worth billions of pounds. As production capacity increases, so does the investment behind them. 


By looking at the bigger picture, including regulation, personal preferences, and popular culture, it’s easy to see that cannabis culture is more than just another trend. You could argue that the beginning of a shift is already happening. The medical and recreational use of cannabis is starting to change societies at large and belong to a culture as a whole. 

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