The International Church of Cannabis

international church of cannabis

If you’re looking to achieve a spiritual high, the International Church of Cannabis can certainly help you to achieve it.

The church is based in Denver and opened its doors to welcome the public on April 20 2017. Of course, there are no statues of religious figures or any stained glass windows. Instead, the murals reflect a psychedelic mentality. There are no religious texts or preachers. Instead, there is a gathering of cannabis activists.

What does the International Church of Cannabis believe? 

Unlike other religions, the members of the International Church of Cannabis don’t follow a specific dogma. The overall religion is known as Elevationism. This is the belief that cannabis consumption can “accelerate and deepen a person’s individual spiritual journey” and that an individual can develop a higher understanding themselves. Founders and members believe that the cannabis plant is “a gift from the universal creative force”.

Do you have to convert to become a member? 

The International Church of Cannabis is an inclusive religion, welcoming practising Christians, Jews and Buddhists. The church doesn’t require anyone to convert to become a member as Elevationism is seen to supplement existing faiths.

To become a member, individuals need to complete an online application and confirm they believe cannabis is a spiritual sacrament. Those who are under 21 are unable to join the church, but this is the only restriction.

What services are available at the church?
You won’t find traditional mass or preaching here. But what you will find is a community of like-minded individuals who believe that smoking weed helps them to find and create a better version of themselves. 

Smoking together in a dedicated service isn’t the only thing that the church offers. There are a number of events that members and the public can enjoy. People can come together to enjoy Tibetan healing bowls, laser light experiences, meditation services and even movie nights. Celebrations for 420 are particularly prominent, with comedy bingo and prize giveaways taking place to mark the occasion.

Marriage ceremonies are also available for those that are really committed to cannabis consumption and the Elevationist way of life.

What is the law surrounding cannabis in Colorado? 

Cannabis has been legalised in Colorado but there are some rules around it that impact the International Church of Cannabis. It cannot be smoked or consumed openly or publicly, for example, and that’s why the church offers private, members-only, sessions. The church is open Monday through Thursday from 1pm-1.45pm, and Friday, Saturday and Sunday from noon until 5.45pm for the BEYOND Experience but there is no consumption of cannabis permitted during these times.

How is the International Church of Cannabis supported? 

The church asks for donations on its website, stating: “If you believe cannabis consumers deserve a spiritual home, and you want this church to remain an international symbol of our religious freedom, please donate, so we can keep this dream alive.”

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