What is the American Cannabis Company?

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The American Cannabis Company (ACC) is a comprehensive consulting management organisation for the cannabis industry. It offers product solutions and advice for companies and users in the sector. 

The American Cannabis Company

Founded and launched in 2013, the ACC’s mission is to redefine society’s relationship with cannabis through stewardship. It aims to capitalise on the country’s regulated cannabis growth opportunities and has achieved its success by rapidly adapting to the ever-changing cannabis industry.

To do this, the company has established key strategic partnerships and disruptive industry methodologies. It also incorporates the best ancillary cannabis equipment and innovative cannabis products such as High Density Cultivation Systems. 


One of the company’s first successes was in 2013 just after it launched. The ACC worked on its first merit-based medical marijuana applications and submitted successful applications for clients in Massachusetts and Connecticut. 

In 2014, the American Cannabis Company introduced its first two products: the Stachel, a child-safe solution for dispensaries, and the Cultivation Vybe, which is a medical-grade cannabis cultivation solution that has high-speed market advantages. 

The company has since continued to grow and reach out to large businesses to help them develop. One of its later successes was in 2016, when the ACC sold over $50,000 of its proprietary product SoHum Living Soils. Later in the year, the company announced its Maryland-based client had secured a dispensary license for the state’s medical cannabis programme. 


The ACC offers construction management, facility design, and operation deployment services. All of this helps business owners build functional and sustainable operations in order to meet their market demands. The company’s facilities are designed with state-of-the-art site security and optimal layouts to create usable space for revenue. 

Services include:

  • Construction Management
  • Cannabis Cultivation Facility Equipment Sourcing
  • Facility Staffing Solutions
  • Development of Manufacturing Infused Products
  • Cannabis Facility Design
  • Regulatory Compliance and Inspections
  • Development of Dispensary Operations
  • Development of Cultivation Operations

Branding and marketing

Alongside the development of equipment and cultivation operations, the ACC helps clients grow their websites using its marketing experience. Certain search engines have made it hard for the cannabis industry to run marketing ads and campaigns. The ACC’s SEO experts help companies by inspecting their websites and help to set them up properly in order for them to rank organically. 

Effective social media strategies can help promote a company. A social media campaign is imperative if cannabis companies want to grow. Fortunately, the American Cannabis Company is able to create quality content for clients and post it on a number of social media channels. Having this available allows companies to work on building and selling their products in the knowledge their marketing strategy is in good hands. 


The American Cannabis Company is a consulting firm that helps cannabis businesses to grow and develop whilst following regulations and laws. The cannabis industry has many regulation issues alongside unique business hurdles. The ACC guides companies through these challenges in order to create successful and sustainable businesses. 

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