Government Efforts to Restrict Access to Marijuana by Minors Have Brought Both Success and Failure to A New Sector.

Budding new industry has highs and lows as officials look to keep marijuana from kids

As of Tuesday, CT became the first state in the US to allow the sale of recreational marijuana. The government is certain that its citizens are up to the challenges that lie ahead. First and foremost, limiting access to cannabis by minors.

The safe storage of recreational marijuana is addressed in the Connecticut bill that was passed in 2022. On the other hand, the Children’s Committee of the legislature had a meeting on the first day of recreational sales to examine ways to further improve safety.

The state of Connecticut’s newfound economic vitality has its ups and downs.

Commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Children and Families Vanessa Dorantes said, “There are substances meant for adult use that sadly get into the hands of minors.”

The General Assembly’s Children’s Committee has been busy planning up a full session agenda, which includes “An Act Concerning the Safe Storage and Disposal of Cannabis, Cannabis Products, and Prescription Drugs.”

Democrat Liz Linehan serves as chair of the committee.

Rep. Linehan noted, “There are some regulations to make goods safe, such as restrictions on gummies and making sure things are individually wrapped and all that, but we need to go further.”

There is currently no draught legislation, however, a bill introduced in the previous session intended to require all commercial establishments to display “safe storage” notices.

For better parental decision-making, “it really comes down to getting the knowledge out into the proper hands,” said Linehan.

Efforts have been made by state agencies like the Department of Children and Families to aid in this endeavor by distributing educational materials to the public about proper disposal as well as storage. Crushing your cannabis, sealing it in a bag, and mixing it with undesirable material like kitty litter or soil is the best way to dispose of it safely.

We all know that toddlers put anything and everything in their mouths. Or a young person who wants to try new things. “As adults with children under our care, we need to be aware of all of these factors,” Commissioner Dorantes stated.

The state has implemented laws on edibles like as a need for all white packaging, tamper-safe material, and a ban on fun food forms, but they recognize that no amount of regulation can replace competent parenting.

Dorantes remarked that the legislation’s careful deliberation had put the country in a strong position to move into the next phase of its development “with our eyes wide open” and use the knowledge gained to shape future public policy.

It’s worth noting that local governments can play a role in regulating cannabis to keep it out of the hands of minors, in addition to the state and, ultimately, parents. They can stipulate how far a retail pot business must be from a school.

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