Former Wakulla High And FSU Star Nigel Bradham Was Sentenced To Probation For Marijuana-Related Offenses!

Nigel Bradham, a former NFL player, and Super Bowl champion entered a plea of not guilty to felony marijuana charges and was sentenced to 30 months of probation. Following his arrest in November 2021, Bradham entered into a plea deal with the State Attorney’s Office in Tallahassee on Wednesday.

The Florida Highway Patrol pulled over the outstanding linebacker from Wakulla High School and Florida State University, who was selected by the Buffalo Bills in the 2012 NFL Draft. He was driving on U.S. Highway 90 when he was stopped.

Police reports state that two handguns, 3.4 pounds of marijuana, and 10 smaller packages were discovered, and one of the firearms was recovered as having been stolen from Missouri. Background: Nigel Bradham, a former FSU football player, and Super Bowl champion were detained on drug and weapons allegations.

Florida State football players Caziah Holmes, Jeremiah Byers, and Ferrell Cypress discuss their choice to transfer. More from FSU: Her mother took notes while an FSU professor held her as a baby. She’s now a graduate. Prosecutors dropped Bradham’s accusations related to firearms.

The amount of marijuana Bradham had didn’t surpass the legal threshold for trafficking—25 pounds or 300 plants—and probation was a typical punishment for the charges, according to assistant state attorney Adrian Mood. We don’t treat cannabis possession the same as some of the more serious drug offenses because of this, according to Mood.


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