Detroit flip flops on recreational weed

The city of Detroit in the US has banned recreational cannabis
dispensaries from opening – despite weed being legal.

As of December 6 2018, recreational use of cannabis was officially legalised throughout Michigan.

However, 79% of the state’s cities, towns and villages have
banned the businesses from opening by passing local laws.

The city became the latest municipality to pass legislation, although the ban is intended to be temporary to at least January 31 so the city can create its own regulations, reports the Detroit Metro Times.

Nearly 1,400 of the state’s 1,773 cities, townships, and villages have chosen to prevent recreational marijuana businesses from opening, despite most voters supporting legalisation.

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Cannabis is still controversial in Michigan, despite legalisation

The Michigan Senate Fiscal Agency estimates that in the
first full fiscal year cannabis sales will generate $180.5 million in taxes,
rising to $287.9 million by 2022-23.

Wannabe cannabis businesses are angry with city authorities for waiting until five days after the application process began, to pass the ban – despite having more than a year to act.

Rush Hasan is head of operations and business development at the Reef which operates a large medical cannabis dispensary in Detroit and applied for a recreational license this month.

He told the Metro Times: “Detroit completely dropped the ball.

“Unfortunately it affects all of the businesses in Detroit.”

The December 6 law states any adult 21 or older can use and
possess cannabis. People can travel with up to 2.5 oz. of cannabis flower or 15
grams of concentrate anywhere except on a school property, school bus, or a
correctional institution.

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