Coors adds Colorado’s Best Drinks and DRAM to portfolio

Coors Distributing Company (CDC) has added Colorado’s Best
Drinks & DRAM Apothecary to its list of suppliers.

It is Coors’ official entrance into the growing hemp-infused sector. CDC an LLC of US brewer MillerCoors but operates independently.

Jennifer DeGraff, CDC’s director of marketing, said:
“We are very excited to add Colorado’s Best Drinks and DRAM to our
portfolio, giving us the ability to offer amazing CBD hemp products to
retailers and consumers in the Denver Metro area.

“We see a big demand for high quality and unique products in
the non-alcoholic space and we think Colorado’s Best Drinks and DRAM are the
perfect solution to fill that consumer demand.

“While both brands… have relevant and unique brand
propositions to fulfil varying consumer demands.”

Colorado’s Best Drinks (CBD) offers a line of sparkling beverages infused with broad spectrum hemp extract and DRAM Apothecary offers sparkling waters infused with broad spectrum hemp extract.

Colorado’s Best Drinks sells CBD-infused drinks in a variety of flavours

“We are thrilled about the partnership with Coors
Distributing Company for many reasons,” says Moose Koons, co-founder of
Colorado’s Best Drinks.

“We have worked hard to create the best possible
product for our customers and are proud that Sparkling CBD has gotten the
recognition it deserves and a stamp of approval from one of the best beverage
companies in the world.

“Secondly, we are excited for what this does for the
legitimacy of the hemp industry. We believe in the power of hemp and know that
an endorsement from a great company like Coors Distributing Company will help
bring the highest quality hemp beverages to more customers.”

A Molson Coors’ annual shareholder report listed CBD and cannabis-infused beverages as a major threat to the multi-billion-dollar booze industry.

It said: “Although the ultimate impact is currently unknown,
the emergence of legal cannabis in certain US states and Canada may
result in a shift of discretionary income away from our products or a change in
consumer preferences away from beer.

“As a result, a shift in consumer preferences away from our
products or beer or a decline in the consumption of our products could result
in a material adverse effect on our business and financial results.”

Many alcohol companies are now seeking partnerships with CBD firms, such as Anheuser-Busch InBev announcing a partnership with Tilray to research non-alcoholic beverages infused with THC and CBD.

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