Cannabinoid Strength Is a Topic For OMMA!

OMMA discusses marijuana potency

As the referendum on legalizing marijuana for recreational use will take place in March, many citizens are worried about the drug’s potential for abuse.

OMMA’s Chief Scientific Officer, Lee Rhoades, oversees the lab division and ensures that all tests and regulations are followed. He emphasized that all products sold in Oklahoma are subject to the same testing procedures.

Obtaining a certificate of analysis is required for selling a product in the state. To ensure quality, a small portion of each batch being manufactured is tested.

Rhoades claims he has spoken with colleagues in other states who believe that marijuana has become more potent over the previous few years.

There has always been a wide range of THC strength in edibles and topical treatments, but Rhoades has noticed an increase in the quality of flowers.

When medical marijuana was finally legalized in 2018, OMMA was formed. In May of last year, they began using a new data-gathering system, and the increased attention to detail has proved useful to their investigation.

Currently, “we have a lot more thorough set of data to look at,” he said.

According to him, in 2021 the average THC content of marijuana samples was 18.6 percent, but by December 2022, that number had risen to roughly 3.3 percent.

According to Rhoades, reports from the marijuana industry show that the drug’s effects are not uniform across users.

The amounts that are considered dangerous depend on the individual, he explained.

According to Rhoades, the state question does not indicate whether or not there would be a cap on the potency of marijuana if it were authorized.

In regards to the amount of THC allowed in recreational programs for adults, “I can tell you that across the US, there is really only a number of states that do set a cap on THC concentration,” stated Rhoades.

A statement from the agency read, “… if voters approve the proposition. If this happens, we are prepared to follow the rules of the state. The good citizens of Oklahoma may be confident that their government employees will perform admirably under pressure.

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