British start-up releases UK’s first CBD-infused gin

A British start-up is to release the UK’s first CBD-infused gin.

MUHU, a new spirits brand aimed at millennials and younger
drinkers, will release a sweet hibiscus flavoured gin infused with CBD.

Sally Wynter, MUHU’s founder said: “It’s taken a huge amount
of trial and error, but after numerous attempts we finally have the perfect
concoction - a delicious floral gin with the excitement of added CBD.”

The start-up is looking to release a range of spirits over the next few years which will each feature an infusion with natural trending products.

Ms Wynter added: “I looked at the spirits market and despite gin acting as a catalyst for experimentation with flavours and colour we haven’t really seen anything truly innovative.

“MUHU is looking to branch away from the traditional,
provenance-driven brands.”

A press release states the added CBD is imported from Canada and is cultivated from pesticide and chemical free hemp grown in line with organic regulations.

It added it is both colourless and flavourless so does not impact the quality or clarity of the gin.

“CBD is something I’ve been adding to my cocktails for the
past year. Personally, I feel more relaxed mentally but also in my body and

“I even use CBD capsules the next morning to take the edge
off the hangover!”

Studies have suggested that CBD affects 5-HT1A receptors
which control the levels of serotonin in our bodies. Serotonin is a
neurotransmitter which plays a key role in maintaining mood balance.

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