“Breaking News: House Bill Introduces Legalization of Medicinal Marijuana”

The State Public Health Committee started hearings on House Bill 1805, which is a bill to expand the Compassionate Use Program for medical marijuana use in the state.

The bill that Republican Stephanie Klick from North Texas put forward could give thousands of Texans access to stronger cannabis treatments.

Some of them had as much as 5% THC.

But now that there are stronger products on the market, there are a lot of safety worries.

David Urbanowicz, who works for Metrc, told FOX 44 News about some of the tools and rules that are in place to keep the consumer market safe.

“Delta-9 is what we’re talking about when we talk about the medical program, and it’s all very tightly regulated. Most states require tests from a third party. It has to pass those tests before it can be sold to the public. Again, this is much, much safer and usually much better regulated,” said the Vice President of External Affairs at Metrc.

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In 2018, the Federal Farm Bill made it legal to grow hemp as long as it didn’t have too much THC.

Now, if House Bill 1805 is passed, patients who need safe, FDA-approved products like Delta-9 would find it easier to get them if they have a prescription.

In the end, this will keep people who need medical marijuana from using unsafe products that are widely available.

“You can buy these Delta-8 products anywhere. No safety measures are in place. They are making people sick. Again, there are risks to safety there, right? You have no idea what’s going on inside. It’s the wild west, too. It has no rules at all,” Urbanowicz said.

Texas leaders are working with companies like Metrc to make sure that the rules for marijuana products are safe. Trying to downplay the dangers of buying products that aren’t safe.


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