Bozeman Dispensary Discusses Business Progress Since Recreational Marijuana Legalization!

Bozeman dispensary talks about business growth since the legalization of recreational marijuana

Inquiring about business conditions since the legalization of recreational marijuana sales in 2022 and the subsequent opening of additional dispensaries, I contacted Grizzly Pine dispensary owner Elliot Lindsey in February 2022.

Almost six years ago, Lindsey launched Grizzly Pine to satisfy his belief that people in need of marijuana deserved a more reputable resource.

In the words of Lindsey, “I was a cardholder back when it was [just] medical, and I felt like there was a lot that could be improved upon in the retail setting.”

He claims that business picked up significantly when marijuana was made legal for recreational use.

It grew rapidly at the start of the year and has continued to do so, according to Lindsey.

Lindsey reports a rise in recreational sales and a decline in medical card purchases.

Despite the tax benefits for medical patients, “one thing that we did absolutely find is over time, a lot of folks seem to not be renewing their cards,” adds Lindsey.

There are 29 counties in Montana out of 56 that have legalized recreational marijuana use for adults. We contacted the Bozeman police department to inquire about the rise in illegal marijuana sales as a result of the recent tax increase.

It would be tough for us to track it in terms of if we stopped somebody, they had under an ounce,” says Patrol Captain Joe Swanson of the problem of minors in possession of marijuana. We don’t care where they bought it from as long as they’re above 21.

Over 20 dispensaries showed up in my web search for Bozeman. When I asked Lindsey how he thought business was holding up in the face of intensifying rivalry, he assured me things were OK.

The number of new dispensaries is staggering. Despite the setbacks, “we’re still clearly doing a lot better than we were a year ago,” adds Lindsey.

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