A Business in Austin that Provides Qualifying Veterans with Free Medicinal Marijuana Prescriptions

Many veterans looking to obtain therapy for PTSD or other chronic illnesses come from the armed forces.

Some patients prefer to use medical marijuana instead of traditional pharmaceuticals.

Only three companies in Texas are licensed to provide medicinal marijuana, and one of them, good blend, is in Austin, where it is providing free medical marijuana prescriptions to veterans.

As stated by Goodblend’s manager of community relations, Terrence Baugh, patients should expect to pay between $200 and $300 for these prescriptions at their local pharmacy.

He remarked that this helped keep people “off the black market.” We want people to feel excited and involved in what Texas already has, so we’re making the program easy to join and practical to use.

The medical marijuana store has begun its veteran impact program during the past month, with approximately 200 veterans receiving prescriptions.

In 2021, PTSD will be included among the disorders recognized by the Texas Compassionate Use Program.

Shaun Salvaje, a former member of the United States Air Force, was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) during his service in Iraq and Afghanistan.

She is a part of the veteran impact program at good blend and thinks many Texans are unaware that they may qualify to buy medical marijuana.

“Every day, we lose another veteran to suicide,” Salvaje added. I have no problem with cannabis use if it serves as a safe and effective means of avoiding such consequences.

A small number of free prescriptions are still accessible under the good blends pilot program, which is ending soon.

Those who have served their country and are in need of medical marijuana can participate in the Texas Compassionate Use Program and the Veteran Impact Program by providing a valid military ID.

The good blend gives first-time customers a 35% discount if they provide a valid prescription.

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