Advocates for Medical Marijuana Continue to Press for Legalization!

We still don’t know if or when lawmakers in Kansas will consider medicinal marijuana legalization. It’s a contentious topic that has been discussed for years in Topeka, Kansas. On Monday, 12 News talked to the longtime supporter’s pals who are continuing his advocacy.

Friends say, David Auble, a U.S. Army veteran from Paradise, Kansas, sought amendments to legalize medical marijuana in the Sunflower State while he was undergoing treatment for cancer.

Chris Howell, another one of Auble’s friends, stated, “He managed to fly out of state a couple of times, and he realized it did help when he did use it.”

Howell even provided transportation for Auble on his way to Topeka to address the state legislature. However, the mission was never fully realized in any of the meetings he attended.

Howell compared the ongoing campaign to legalize medical marijuana in Kansas to Charlie Brown and Lucy pulling the ball annually. I’ve seen Dave fight them every year, and it’s always entertaining to watch. Every year something happens, and it doesn’t go through.

When Auble passed away in May of last year.

He was incredibly generous with his time and energy. Howell described it as “massive.” Everyone he met felt his affection. I hope to always remember him like that.

About a week later, according to Howell, he lost another friend to cancer. It was a trying moment because of that.

Curtis Bunting, another GA employee who had been battling cancer for the past decade, went away a week after Dave.

Howell and other Auble supporters are pushing for medical marijuana to be authorized in Kansas in the future.

Howell said that if this were the case, “a lot of the work he performed would surely be worthy since he wasn’t doing it simply for himself.” He did it because he knew it would benefit everyone.

Howell is currently taking care of Auble’s 15-year-old dog Bare, who was his constant friend.

During the first week of February, two proposals seeking to legalize medical marijuana in Kansas were introduced in the state senate. No dates have been set for hearings on the legislation as of yet.


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