2 Santa Rosa Students Were Arrested After A Fight, Where Marijuana and Weapons Were Found

2 Santa Rosa Students Were Arrested After A Fight, Where Marijuana and Weapons Were Found

After a fight broke out at a high school in Santa Rosa on Friday morning, police went there and found two students with weapons.

At 10:45 a.m., Santa Rosa police were called to Matanzas Way to break up a fight between five or six boys near Montgomery High School. Police said that when they got there, they talked to two students who were walking back to high school when they smelled “the smell of fresh marijuana.”

This month, Jayden Pienta, who was 16 years old, was stabbed to death at the same high school during a fight between two other students.

Police say that when they searched the two students, they found a large buck knife and a tin of marijuana in one of their backpacks. Police said they found metal knuckles in the pocket of the other student.

When police asked the students about the fight, they said they were there, but only to watch and not take part. At the same time, three other students were in the principal’s office with “abrasions and marks” from the fight. The students told the police that the fight never happened.

2 Santa Rosa Students Were Arrested After A Fight, Where Marijuana and Weapons Were Found

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The police found a third weapon, but they didn’t know which student was carrying it.

No one knows for sure if these weapons were used in the fight or not.

The school officer told the police that the student, who was said to have a buck knife and marijuana, left the school grounds before the fight.

This student was arrested for having a knife at school, but he was taken to Memorial Hospital because he had been smoking marijuana. He was taken to the Juvenile Justice Center after he was given the all-clear. The second student was taken to the same center after he was caught with metal knuckles.

Two other students were also taken into custody at Montgomery High School on Wednesday for a separate knife incident. On Monday, two juveniles were involved in a fatal stabbing on a San Francisco Muni bus that left one person with life-threatening injuries.

Later that same day, in the afternoon, a student at a middle school in San Francisco was stabbed and taken to the hospital. Another student was taken into custody.

A student was arrested earlier this month at a different high school in Santa Rosa after he brought an unloaded gun to school.


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