The Best Ways To Keep Your Cannabis Fresh!

Without the right container, your marijuana will go to waste whether you choose to smoke boof, roll up, or tear a bong. The same can be said of you, as you are also wasting cash. Your flower will lose flavor and freshness if it is exposed to oxygen, sunshine, and heat. It’s not your fault that finding reliable information about how to safely store weed is difficult;

this situation results from a confluence of a lack of transparency in the cannabis industry as well as persistent negative attitudes against the drug. Let’s start by explaining why certain things shouldn’t be done before discussing the best ways to store cannabis.

1. Lose the Plastic Bud Baggies

Storage in plastic is terrible. Succulent trichomes (the gorgeous small hairs) can be fried by the static charge in plastic bags and containers, so remove them immediately. That also includes the lockable canisters typically found at pot shops.

If your data is stored for more than a few days, you’ll run into the same problems that we’re trying to prevent. They’ll serve their purpose in an emergency, but these are better suited as travel packs.

2. Don’t Put Weed in The Fridge

Flowers should not be refrigerated or frozen. The former has too much of a temperature and humidity swing, and the latter will cause your trichomes to dry out and break off at the slightest touch. Stay out of the cold unless you’re preparing ice water or dry ice hash.

And to what you may have been told in the dorms, storing your cannabis on an orange peel will only serve to flatten it. If you’re storing the food in an airtight container, this step is unnecessary.

3. Use Paper in A Pinch

Choose the nearest clean item, be it a napkin, piece of paper, or roll of paper towels. You can soften the paper for wrapping your nugs by scrunching it up (it will make folding an envelope shape easier). When compared to other options like plastic or cling wrap, the paper offers the same level of odor protection without causing any damage to your flower. As a stopgap measure, at least until you can get your hands on a more permanent solution.

4. Stock up On Good Ol’ Glass

Glass is the best material for storing marijuana. In comparison to plastic and metal containers, it does not accumulate static electricity, keeps food fresh without altering its flavor, can be sealed tightly to prevent oxidation, and is simple to clean.

The THC in marijuana quickly degrades into CBN (that sleepy feeling) when exposed to light, thus storing it in a transparent glass container is a bad idea if you want to get high. You can avoid this by putting your glassware in a dark spot or by wrapping it in a towel.

5. Check out Weed Storage Brands

Companies are developing viable alternatives to glass that are both airtight and simple to clean. Consult businesses specializing in portable storage solutions, such as Cadence, which offers a variety of stackable, magnetic, tiny containers. Both joints and complete buds can be stored according to their respective colors at Stori’s.

Forti Goods produces secure storage solutions to prevent unauthorized access to cannabis. Ceramic jars like this one from Rose Los Angeles are a good non-twist alternative for people with arthritic hands, but these days you can get cannabis in just about any container imaginable.

6. Use Parchment to Prevent Damage

Let’s minimize the fallout if Tupperware is still your idea of long-term storage. Get some of the parchment paper that’s commonly used to store concentrates, and gently wrap the bud in it. Then you’ll have a permanent place to use for grinding buds or rolling joints.

7. Wrap It in Foil in The Short Term

For items that you only plan to open once, like restaurant leftovers, aluminum foil is an excellent choice because it blocks out light, heat, and air. It will keep for weeks if you take good care of it and don’t touch it. However, the foil might bunch up and scrape off trichomes if handled too frequently.

8. Use a Humidor

Humidity levels of over 70% are recommended for cigar storage. The cannabis plant cannot thrive in such a humid environment. 50–65 percent is where it thrives the most; market leader Boveda prefers 63 percent. Regrettably, this means you can’t have both cigarettes and weed in your humidor. Cigars kicked into a box on a counter can be used to roll the best blunts ever.

9. Spring for Humidity Packets

Additionally, there are humidity packets designed for long-term storage alongside cannabis nugs. The humidity is maintained at a constant 62% inside any sealed container. It’s less expensive than a humidor, but it’s not nearly as flexible. But it’s still a straightforward method for keeping a large quantity of weed fresh for a long time.

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