Pontia’s City Council Will Soon Vote On Legalizing Recreational Marijuana!

The new law would permit only 20 stores, but there would be no restrictions on cultivation, processing, or transportation. On January 10, the Pontiac City Council will likely cast a deciding vote on the legalization and regulation of recreational Marijuana in the city.

At its meeting on January 3, the council held a closed session with its lawyers to review the text of the ordinance. Melanie Rutherford, a member of the Pontiac City Council, has said, “I just believe that this administration and this council are working hand in hand to make sure that we are doing the best thing for our citizens and our respective business owners who are coming into the city of Pontiac.”

There are no restrictions on cultivators, processors, or delivery services, and it can currently support 20 stores. It would allow for three Class A microbusinesses and four social equity stores. An amendment increasing the number of such micro-businesses from three to five was approved following the executive session’s adjournment.

For example, Mayor Tim Greimel believes that “any city that has passed a Marijuana code has experienced some number of legal issues.” We’re working hard to reduce these and lessen the community’s exposure to legal action, and I believe we’re making progress. Voters in 2018 approved medical marijuana by a razor-thin margin in Pontiac.

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