Nufabrx develops CBD-infused clothes

A clothing company has developed a line of clothing infused with CBD and the pain relief medication Capsaicin.

Nufabrx, a proprietary ‘biomaterial platform’ that embeds ingredients including vitamins, supplements, and medications into fabrics, claims the patented technology helps relieve muscle and joint pain consistently throughout the day.

A press release states Nufabrx’s new line optimises textile materials with active ingredients at the yarn level, creating a new type of fashion it has dubbed ‘health-wear’.

The infused fabrics respond to the body’s temperature and moisture and release Capsaicin Medicine or CBD into the skin over time.

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Companies are turning to CBD-infused products

The garments include compression socks, knee and
arm sleeves, foot and ankle sleeves, and gloves. The company claims the clothes
last up to 25 machine washes and months of wear.

“We’re thrilled to be expanding the offerings and availability of Nufabrx to reach more consumers in need of this innovative material,” said founder and CEO Jordan Schindler.

“With this patented technology, well-being has become a part of everyday outfits.

“Not only that, the fabric also simply and easily delivers long-lasting pain relief where it’s needed most.”

CBD-infused products are growing in popularity and
many food manufacturers and drink companies are turning to innovative new

Earlier this month, a British start-up launched the UK’s first CBD-infused gin.

MUHU, a new spirits brand aimed at millennials and
younger drinkers, will release a sweet hibiscus flavoured gin infused with CBD.

The start-up is looking to release a range of
spirits over the next few years which will each feature an infusion with
natural trending products.

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