Where Did Zyzz Go? the Cause of Aziz Shavershian’s Death.!

how did zyzz die

This weekend, the remains of a Sydney student who gained notoriety after morphing from a self-described “skinny kid” to the pin-up boy of amateur bodybuilding will be flown home from Thailand.

Aziz Sergeyevich Shavershian, 22, who was popularly known online as “Zyzz,” passed away on Friday after having a heart attack in a sauna in Bangkok.

A post-mortem study, according to his mother Maria Shavershian, showed that her youngest son had an untreated heart ailment that caused cardiac arrest. We are doing terribly, and I am shattered, said Mrs. Shavershian Three days after Mr. Shavershian’s passing, the news was only revealed to the family, who are very discreet, on Monday.

His funeral arrangements have not yet been announced, but they will reportedly be a small gathering of his close relatives and friends. This weekend, they anticipate getting his body.

How Did Zyzz Die?

While on Vacation in Pattaya, Thailand, Aziz Shavershian Passed Away on August 5, 2011, from A Heart Attack that Occurred in A Sauna. He Passed Away at The Age of Just 22. Congenital Heart Disease Was the Reason for Death.

Internet Star “zyzz” Passed Away on August 5th, 2011, at The Age of 22, After Suffering a Heart Attack. in A Sauna in Bangkok, the Bodybuilder, Whose True Name Was Aziz Shavershian, Suffered a Heart Arrest.

Someone Reportedly Sounded the Alarm After Finding the Young Man Unresponsive, According to Press Sources. the Medical Staff at Chulalongkorn Hospital Tried to Revive Him, but They Were Unsuccessful.

Zyzz’s Body Underwent a Post-Mortem Examination, Which Identified a “undiagnosed Cardiac Ailment” as The Cause of Death. Particular Enlargement of The Heart

Simply put, This Indicates that The 22-Year-Old Was Unaware of A Heart Condition. He Reportedly Had a Congenital Heart Disorder, According to Several Web Sites. This, However, Is Incorrect Because It Implies that The Problem Existed in Him from Birth.

In Her Public Speech, Zyzz’s Mother Did Not Use the Word “congenital.” It’s Not Mentioned in The Autopsy Report Either. Overall, It Appears that Something Was Misquoted or Misinterpreted. Either That or A Journalist Embellished the Details of His Passing.

There Were Several Indicators that Something Was Amiss with Aziz in The Months Prior to His Passing. His Parents Reported that Their Youngster Suffered Shortness of Breath and Excessive Blood Pressure.

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Zyzz’s Early Life

Zyzz Was Born on March 24, 1989, in Moscow, Then Part of The Soviet Union, to Sergei Shavershian, Who Is Today a Resident of Ukraine, and Maine Iboian, Who Works in Hospital Human Resources. Aziz Was Born and Reared in Eastwood, New South Wales, and Graduated from Marist College High School as The Institution’s Dux. the Highest Achieving Pupils in Both Academics and Athletics Are Given the Title of Dux. He Unexpectedly Received It for His Intellectual Prowess.

“extreme Ectomorph,” as They Call Themselves Zyzz Believed He Was Too Thin All Through High School. Going out With Girls Made Him Feel Like He Was the Same Size as Them, Which He Detested. He Had a Casual Interest in Bodybuilding All the Time.

He Didn’t Realize how Different Buff Guys Were Regarded by Other People until The Summer After He Finished His Studies and Was out Clubbing. Zyzz Joined the Gym After Noticing Their “presence,” as He Described It, and Was Motivated by His Older Brother Said Shavershian’s Achievements There.

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What Happened to Zyzz?

With the Help of His Newfound Celebrity, Zyzz Was Able to Advertise a Variety of Supplements for Bodybuilding and Release the Book “zyzz’s Bodybuilding Bible.” While Still Pursuing Business Studies at The University.

He Started Filming “national Road Trip,” a Reality Series, in The Middle of 2011. Numerous Australian Celebrities Visited Well-Known Sites While Touring the Nation. He Was Frequently Mentioned on Bodybuilding News Websites, and Simply Shredded Even Conducted an Interview with Him. According to All Reports, Zyzz Appeared to Have a Clear Path to Success in The Bodybuilding Industry.

Sadly, His Body Simply Couldn’t Take the Stress He Was Placing on It in August 2011. Zyzz Was Discovered Dead in A Sauna While on A Month-Long Trip to Thailand, Where Hormones and Medications for Performance Enhancement Can Be Purchased Readily and Cheaply. No Toxicology Report Was Made Public, but The Post-Mortem Report Indicated that A Previously Unidentified Congenital Heart Abnormality Had Caused the Cardiac Arrest.

He Continues to Exist Thanks to The Love of His Followers, Who Continue to Submit Tribute Videos and Talk About Bodybuilding on His Subreddit.

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