EBR Schools Are Investigating Allegations that A Bus Driver Smoked Marijuana During a Route!


The East Baton Rouge Public School System is looking into allegations that a bus driver was high while on the job on Thursday, February 9, 2023.

The WAFB I-TEAM has been informed by parents and other family members that the bus driver was speeding, driving erratically, and smoking while the youngsters were in the vehicle. During the incident, one of the bus passengers texted her older sibling to let her know about it.

“My sister texted me saying that the driver was intoxicated and that she was smoking,” the sister of one of the students said. I was worried about her safety because she was so terrified.

This morning, Crystal Ellis’s daughter rode the bus to school with the rest of the kids. It was not only speeding and dangerous driving but marijuana use as well, according to her daughter. She tells WAFB’s Scottie Hunter that this behavior is inconsistent with what she has come to expect from the usual driver and that she suspects a replacement driver was in control of the vehicle.

I believe we should all pause and act if a student, particularly an elementary school student, contacts a parent or family member about being afraid for his or her safety. Ellis stated, “I think it’s our duty and obligation as parents and adults to keep our kids protected.” “I’d rather they not drive my kid again,” I said.

The school district issued the following statement in response to the rumored incident:

“A social media post has alerted us to a possible incident of marijuana use on a school bus this morning. This claim has not been confirmed, but an investigation is underway. Assuring the well-being of our kids is one of our highest priorities.

The WAFB I-TEAM heard similar complaints from other parents. We’ve been told that as soon as some of the students stepped foot on school grounds, they informed authorities of the trouble they’d seen. Ellis argues that her daughter and the other youngsters should not have to go through what they did this morning.

“Regardless of the alleged marijuana smoking, if I saw a bus that was speeding and driving erratically with children on the road, I would be concerned,” said Ellis. When WAFB contacted the school district, they said they were investigating the allegations but would not comment on whether the driver had been drug tested.

I’d be thrilled to learn that we were wrong. If it hasn’t already, Ellis chimed in, “I think it would be easy to clear up with a drug test; but, if they were drunk in any way while transporting the students, I think they should be fired.”

The driver was allegedly on a route to Shenandoah Elementary School, where the children were dropped off by their parents.

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