Cannabis Worth N20,600,000 Is Seized by Customs

Customs intercept marijuana worth N20.6m

storms 317 parcels of Cannabis Sativa, often known as Marijuana, were intercepted by the Nigerian Customs Service, with a total value of N20.6 million.

In Minna on Tuesday, Niger/Kogi Comptroller Busayo Kadejo confirmed this to Niger state Commander of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency Haruna Kwetishe.

A total of 253.6 kilos of marijuana were intercepted on the Abuja-Lokoja motorway, he said, adding that their release into society would have led to a rise in crime.

As bittersweet as this event is, it has stirred up a range of emotions in me. Firstly, there are those who are working ceaselessly to construct this nation, while others are actively sabotaging its progress.

“I am glad that our officials were able to successfully intercept these illegal packages thanks to their hard work and dedication to their jobs. The parcels, if they had gotten past us, would have been used in the commission and sustenance of crimes like banditry, kidnapping, thuggery, and others of a social nature.

Customs intercept marijuana worth N20.6m

The commander added that the criminals were on the run after escaping when customs officers halted their car.

Society as a whole, he said, needs to be on the lookout for and report suspicious behavior, and it is the duty of every Nigerian.

In light of the impending general elections, he urged everyone to remain vigilant and report any suspicious behavior to the appropriate authorities.

As evidence of the cooperation between the Nigeria Customs Service and the NDLEA in the state of Niger, the Comptroller said that he had been given permission by the Comptroller General of the Customs to turn over the seized marijuana to the NDLEA.

Barrister Haruna Kwetishe, the head of the Niger state NDLEA, accepted the marijuana blocks and gave his thanks to the Customs for their hard effort in seizing the drugs, saying that they will be destroyed.

“The Customs’ actions demonstrate excellent cooperation among government security agencies. The work done by Customs is excellent. This has proven to us that the development of Nigeria is a shared responsibility amongst all citizens and not only the government’s security forces. He urged that anyone with knowledge share it with us because doing so could save lives.

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