Can Chiefs Supporters Smoke Cannabis During the Super Bowl Parade? Cannabis Is Now Legal in Kansas City!


Many questions have been asked as Kansas City gets ready for Wednesday’s Chiefs Victory Parade.

  • Where will the parade route be?
  • Where can I park near the parade route?
  • Will my kids have a school that day?

Furthermore, some people may be wondering if they can smoke marijuana along the parade route now that dispensaries in Missouri are selling the substance for recreational use.

Amendment 3 legalizes marijuana use for people over the age of 21 in Missouri, but only in private settings; public use is still illegal.

Kansas City has decided to stop prosecuting marijuana possession in 2020, but people can still be arrested and charged under state and federal law.

In Missouri, both recreational and medical marijuana use is illegal in public and while operating a motor vehicle.

Local authorities have also made it clear that alcoholic beverages won’t be sold or consumed on the premises during the march and rally.

On Wednesday at noon, the Chiefs will begin their victory parade. When the parade ends at approximately 1:45 p.m., a rally will be held at Union Station.

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