Which countries have legalised medical cannabis?

Medical cannabis has become more and more popular since evidence has shown the benefits it provides. But the legality of medical cannabis is still a grey area. With some countries legalising it and some not, it can be confusing knowing the truth.

The legality of medical cannabis varies from country to country. Every country has different laws on distribution, possession and how it can be used. The use case of recreational cannabis, also known as marijuana is prohibited in most countries. However, medical cannabis is used to treat medical conditions and is becoming legalised in many countries.

Countries that have legalised medical cannabis

Canada and Uruguay are the only two states that have fully legalised medical cannabis for consumption and sale. However, eleven states in the US and the District of Columbia have legalised medical cannabis even though it remains federally illegal. 

All laws in the states of the United States vary regarding the sale of cannabis, for example, court rulings in Georgia have made the consumption of medical cannabis legal but not the sale. Here we will take a look at what countries have legalised medical cannabis.

  • Australia- medical cannabis has been legalised at the federal level in all states of Australia. It was made legal as of February 2016. 
  • Canada- the country has made cannabis legal for both recreational and medical uses. Medical cannabis has been made legal since 2001.
  • Argentina- the consumption of medical cannabis has been legalised in Argentina since September 2017.
  • Bermuda- the country of Bermuda has legalised medical cannabis since 2016, with now only two doctors being licensed to prescribe it. 
  • United Kingdom- medical cannabis became legalised in the UK but only when prescribed by a professional doctor. It can be used for severe cases of epilepsy, vomiting and nausea caused by chemotherapy and for the pain of Multiple Sceloris. 
  • United States- it is legal in 33 states, 4 territories and the District of Columbia, but it is illegal at federal level.
  • Thailand- the use of medical cannabis was made legal in 2017 in Thailand but recreational cannabis is still illegal.
  • South Africa- it is legal to use medical cannabis in South Africa but there is currently no system for dispensing it. 
  • The Netherlands- medical cannabis and recreational cannabis are legal in the Netherlands, however, recreational can only be legally sold in licensed coffee shops. 
  • New Zealand- the country made medical cannabis legal in December 2018.
  • Italy- it is legal to consume medical cannabis in Italy, it is also legal for industrial uses.

Conclusion: Who is likely to legalise next?

That is a small glimpse at some of the countries that have made medical cannabis legal. Many more are still and will in the future go through the process of making medical cannabis legal. Countries such as Spain, Belgium and Barbados are predicted to legalise it in the next few years. However, certain countries such as North Korea may never legalise cannabis for the use of medical treatment due to their strict laws and regulations.

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