Three UK cannabis events not to be missed

uk cannabis events

The value of the UK cannabis industry is anticipated to reach £16.5bn in the next decade, and businesses have a huge role to play. From hemp growers to CBD-based wellness retailers, there’s a variety of businesses that could take a slice of the market.

Below, we take a look at a few UK cannabis events that best demonstrate how the industry is evolving throughout the country.

1) Hemp and CBD Expo

This cannabis event takes place 14th-15th September 2019 at the Birmingham NEC. This exhibition saw huge success with its March installment and is set to be even bigger this time around, with more stands and exhibitors already confirmed.

Helping those within the industry to build relationships so they can build their own supply chains, this event takes on a B2B tone. Exhibitors include Advance Biotech, CBD Intel, and Pura Vida CBD. Throughout the hall, you’ll find different businesses focusing on everything from CBD-infused skincare products through to specialist CBD oil producers.

Some of the guest speakers include Callie Blackwell, one of the UK’s leading cannabis activists, and Steve Bevan, President of GenCanna. There’s certainly a long list to look forward to at the UK’s number one dedicated hemp and CBD trade show.

2) Bristol Medical Cannabis Conference

This cannabis event takes place Thursday 28th November. It brings together some of the leading figures in the UK’s medical cannabis industry. These figures are responsible for researching and prescribing medical cannabis in special circumstances.

Confirmed speakers include Hannah Deacon, a patient who was involved in the first legal prescription of medical cannabis, and Dr David McDowell, the lead at Britain’s first medical cannabis clinic.

These like-minded individuals will come together to discuss the evidence for using cannabis to treat depression and anxiety and best practices for prescribing cannabis-based medicines.

3) DCCC presents The Autumn Expo

If you’re looking for a more community-based cannabis event, this Autumn Expo could be the one for you. This limited-capacity event takes place in Durham next month and brings together different subcultures to celebrate, inform, and educate others on the benefits of Cannabis Sativa. While many other cannabis events in the UK focus on regulation and sales, this event has education and application at its heart.

The expo will feature seminars, workshops, and demonstrations of cannabis applications. Visitors will also be able to take part in Ganja-Yoga, enjoy a hemp-infused massage, and discover how to make CBD-infused cannabis soaps.

Although this is a regional event, the DCCC is not as small as it appears. It recently partnered with The London Cannabis Film Festival and will be screening the award-winning film from the event.


These are just some of the cannabis-based events that are taking place across the UK. If you don’t have the chance to spend all day at an event, there are many evenings, seminars, and lectures dedicated to discussion around the use of cannabis. As the industry grows, so will its applications. As a result, there’s something for everyone - whether that’s businesses, those interested in medical uses, or someone looking to buy their next CBD-based product.

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