Three ‘must attend’ cannabis conferences in Europe

Below, we take a look at some of the best cannabis conferences taking place across Europe which reflect an uptake in interest, especially with the retail and healthcare sectors picking up on the popularity of CBD.

Take a look at what’s going on in different countries…

Cannabizz Warsaw 2019, Poland
Despite the traditional beliefs of the country, Poland has become a hotspot for the hemp industry and has recently introduced medical cannabis laws. Launched in 2017, this cannabis conference sees Warsaw become a cannabis business capital. Targeting the international and domestic cannabis industry, Cannabizz Warsaw attracts large numbers of investors.

The event will bring together experts, doctors, lawyers, business people and activists who will share their real-life experiences of working within the industry. Topics of discussions will cover industrial applications of hemp, medical use cases of cannabis, and the changing laws around it. Attendees will also have the chance to find access to different products aimed at collectors, growers, and even those who want to use cannabis-based cosmetics.

This event takes place at the GlobalExpo International Exhibition and Conference Center during the last weekend of november.

Indicasativa, Italy 

Taking place in April 2020, this three-day event brings together more than two hundred exhibitors and attracts in excess of 25,000 visitors. While Indicasativa offers talks from industry leaders, it also brings something a little different to the table. Visitors can benefit from seminars and courses, including ‘Cannabis Light: agronomic techniques and marketing strategies’ and ‘bread-making with cannabis’.

Across the event, there are courses and seminars available for policymakers, pharmacists and farmers. The weekend promises to be more of a cultural event, rather than your typical cannabis conference. Sponsored by companies such as Canna and the Italian Cannabis Business School, this event will invite attendees to access a deeper knowledge about the cannabis industry. 

NorthGrow Cannabis Expo, Denmark

Denmark is becoming a clear player in the industry, so this cannabis conference is one not to be me missed. Taking place in Herning during September 2019, the NorthGrow Cannabis Expo connects relevant industries together and introduce them to the Scandinavian market.

There will be plenty of opportunities for discussion and debate, with the event covering topics such as “Has pop culture legitimised cannabis?” and “Has cannabis popularity boosted hemp?”. Much of the conversation will focus on legislation surrounding cannabis and how this can be incorporated into Denmark’s stance. Attendees will also have the chance to attend Q&As, after parties, and seminars.

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