Lowell Farms: LA café cooks up a cannabis storm

Lowell Farms is set to become West Hollywood’s first approved cannabis café.

Despite being called a cannabis café, no cannabis-infused food will be sold. Instead, a regular menu will be served and customers will be able to smoke or vape weed at their table whilst they eat.

Plans for the café were approved in July, with the launch date set for late 2019. According to the Farm’s proposal, the café will not be viewable from the street and will be surrounded by a large fence.

It will, however, be unable to sell alcohol due to the California State Law that prohibits the sale or consumption of alcohol and cannabis at the same time.

Cannabis-free food menu

Lowell Farms’ head chef is Andrea Drummer, who started cooking with cannabis back in 2011. However, at Lowell, Drummer will not prepare any dishes with cannabis. Instead, the whole menu is designed to complement the cannabis that will be smoked alongside the food.

The menu will include a wide range of treats, from fried chicken sandwiches to homemade s’mores. Other foods on the menu include caramel popcorn, peanut butter cookies, ice cream sandwiches, and white bean hummus.

Drummer’s goal is to connect the flavours of food and cannabis. He believes that smoking cannabis and consuming food at the same time can enhance one another.

When interviewed about his involvement with the project, Drummer said: “I’m excited to be part of the movement towards the normalisation of cannabis use.”

Smoke control

Not everybody in the area is happy about the prospect of a cannabis café. Nearby residents have already been filing complaints about possible air pollution. However, Lowell Farms has managed to create a way of keeping the air clean and scent-free.

The team assessed a number of proposals centred around air filtration and selected a specialist system to capture and filter any smoke from the air. In addition to this, Lowell Farms will be installing air-purifying and odour-absorbing landscaping.

There will also be two patios built - one facing the street and one facing away from it. The one facing the street will be a non-smoking area.

Lowell Farms

Lowell Farms is an online shop for cannabis and CBD products. Its products include disposable vapes, pre-rolls, and CBD flowers. As well as cannabis and CBD-based products, the company also sells apparel and accessories including ashtrays, smoke cases, and rolling kits.

The company has pledged to only grow its cannabis with organic fertiliser and to never use synthetic pesticides. All farmers on the company’s payroll are also paid proper living wages.

Lowell Farms decided to create America’s first cannabis café as it believes the community should be able to enjoy the consumption of cannabis. It will be a place for cannabis connoisseurs and the canna-curious alike.

Whilst the café will be an area where users can enjoy cannabis on-site, they can also purchase products to go. However, Lowell does not class itself as a typical dispensary. Instead, it will be a fresh concept, and customers do not have to purchase or consume any cannabis if they do not wish too. They can simply enjoy the ambiance of the café and the food on offer.

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