How Aurora Cannabis is leading the market

Aurora cannabis

Aurora Cannabis is a Canadian medical marijuana producer and distributor. It is now the second largest marijuana distributor by market capitalisation.

But with so many businesses now trying to the industry, what sets Aurora Cannabis apart from its competitors?

A patient-focused mission

As the industry grows, many companies will spot gaps in the market and take advantage of them to create a greater profit. Aurora Cannabis, however, has patients and their access needs at the heart of its mission. 

The company believes that medical cannabis should be affordable, accessible, and of consistent quality for all. Its overall aim is to break down any barriers to medical cannabis and to continue to “provide patients with reliable access to safe, consistent, and effective medical cannabis”.

Greater access to medical cannabis

Aurora Cannabis makes it easy to access a wide range of products through a simple sign up and registration process. Patients can create an online account with the company for free and complete an application for approval. 

Once this process has started, patients will need to provide a medical document after consulting their health practitioner for a medical cannabis recommendation. Once the approved prescription has been received, patients can start shopping.

Ongoing investment

Aurora Cannabis reinvests its profits into a number of projects, as well as its overall research and development. Examples of this include $1.5 million to re-invigorate its science infrastructure at its Aurora Prairie facility in Saskatoon. 

This investment will allow the company to build its largest indoor cultivation space for cannabis genetics research. This provides the opportunity to explore plant growth optimisation and new strains of medical cannabis. 

Production capacity 

Aurora Cannabis has more than a dozen production facilities, putting it far ahead of its main competitors. The management team project that the company will be able to cultivate by 500,000 kilos in annual run-rate production by mid-2020. This could mean that the majority of medical cannabis purchases could be attributed to Aurora Cannabis. 

Educational materials

The medical cannabis industry will continue to evolve, as will different strains and different products to treat different illnesses. With so many products on offer from Aurora Cannabis, including shishkaberry dried cannabis and cannabis oil in the form of a spray, it can be difficult to know which purchase to make.

As part of its mission to make medical cannabis easy to access, the company offers free educational materials on the website, including “know your strain” guides. These product sheets show the exact ingredients that are contained, how the cannabis appears and how each strain should be consumed. 

The website also has a very detailed FAQ, with responses from its experts on everything from regulations and even packaging and shipping. 

Important acquisitions

Aurora Cannabis is beginning to monopolise the market and two notable acquisitions have given the company more opportunity for expansions. These include CanniMed and MedReleaf. 

At the time of acquiring CanniMed, the company brought its total to 42,000 registered cannabis patients in Canada. Meanwhile the MedReleaf takeover has led to the world’s most expensive marijuana stock deal at $3.2 billion.


Aurora Cannabis has funding, investment and a mission that puts patients first. A constant reinvestment in production facilities also means it can stay one step aheads. By making medical cannabis more accessible to a wider market, this company could keep going from strength to strength. 

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