Five must-watch weed documentaries

Documentaries and films are one of the most popular ways for people to find out information. That is why weed documentaries are so popular in this day and age. They show the realness of weed and the industry behind it, allowing people to know the truth.

A documentary is used to describe a film or television programme that supplies a factual story from real-life subjects.

If you are wanting to know more about the industry and the people in it, these five weed documentaries might be perfect for you.

The Union: The Business Behind Getting High

The Union is an award-winning, 2007 documentary film. It follows Adam Scorgie, a Canadian filmmaker, while he demystifies the underground cannabis market. The piece delves into the growth, trafficking and sale of marijuana in the BC market. Alongside this, it also explores the reasons why cannabis needs to be viewed as the same as alcohol and tobacco.

Through interviewing police officers, criminologists, psychologists, doctors, politicians, growers and pop culture icons, the film is able to examine the underground weed market. It explores how the current prohibition of cannabis could be linked more with gang drug warfare. It asks if the negative aspects associated with cannabis have made it illegal, rather than the drug itself.

The Culture High

Culture High is a sequel to ‘The Union: The Business Behind Getting High’. However where The Union looks at only one side of the argument, Culture High looks at both sides. It explores the supporters behind legalising cannabis and the opponents who believe it should stay illegal. 

The documentary, available to stream on Netflix, features stories from celebrities such as Snoop Dogg, Joe Rogan, Richard Branson and Wiz Khalifa. Aired in 2014, The Culture High gathers different points of views to create an insightful yet humorous movie. It was Best Documentary and was nominated for Best Screenwriter Non-Fiction award at the 2015 AMPIA Awards.

Weed The People 

Weed The People provides a provocative view into the state of cannabis legality. This documentary focuses on real-life stories of different children and their families, demonstrating how the use of medical cannabis can be life-changing and life-saving. The documentary, available on Netflix, offers a simple and stark message: more research into the medical uses of cannabis needs to be done.

An emotionally charged watch, it calls into questions whether or not cannabis should still be illegal given that it could potentially save children’s lives. The perspectives come from parents and physicians, offering a balanced professional take on some of the issues. From brain tumours to cancer, unthinkable scenarios are explored. If you’re interested in the medicinal value of cannabis, then this is definitely a watch for you.

Super High Me

Super High Me is about stand-up comedian and weed user Doug Benson finding out the true effects that cannabis has on the human body. It is a 2007 documentary that follows Benson spend 30 days constantly smoking weed to then going 30 days without the plant in his system. Based on the popular series ‘Super Size Me’ but without the McDonalds, Super High Me explores the true effects and dangers of cannabis.

When the comedian was on his 30-day break, medical experts would follow him and test his physical and mental health. This comical film also examines the hot debate over medical marijuana use. We won’t spoil the findings, but if you are interested in the true side effects of weed, this is a must-watch. 

420: The Documentary 

The number 420 is synonymous with marijuana. It was the code used by California police officers in the seventies when referring to cannabis. The moniker quickly stuck with the weed community which keeps the code alive to this day.

It has also morphed into an annual day of cannabis celebration - April 20.

The 420 documentary invites us into the real world of what truly happens on this day.

It follows seven young people exploring the past and present relationship of the US legal system and cannabis. They go on to question why and how the US government is still arresting cannabis users for possession. The documentary illuminates the true and horrific stories of college students who have been arrested and even shot by the police for the possession of weed. If you want a gritty and tense watch, 420 is a popular choice.


All weed documentaries have their own version and story about cannabis and the culture behind it. The five we have picked out, all show different sides to cannabis legality and how the ‘drug’ is often misunderstood.

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