Cannabis marketing firm Herbfluence launched

An influencer marketing company has launched a platform to allow cannabis firms to avoid social media advertising clampdowns.

Herbfluence describes itself as an influencer marketplace for the cannabis industry that is a “smarter, simpler approach to advertising cannabis brands through social media influencers”.

The move is a response to many social media platforms restricting paid cannabis and CBD advertising.

Herbfluence claims to have hundreds of social media influencers with a combined 20,000,000+ followers on Instagram.

Tyler Knight, founder and CEO, said: “Having worked in the cannabis industry as a marketing executive for more than six years, I have experienced numerous problems marketing cannabis and CBD companies online.

“Our team developed a streamlined online platform that truly allows CBD, cannabis and ancillary companies to seamlessly find, connect, and communicate directly with social influencers in our industry.

Social media has cracked down on cannabis and CBD ads

“The platform will prove to successfully advertise brands online to their desired target market and will receive full analytical data on the marketing campaigns, without the barriers caused by typical digital advertising platforms.”

Newleaf Brands entered into an agreement to include a selection of its brands in the launch of the marketing platform.

Benjamin Martch, CMO of  NewLeaf Brands, said: “After meeting Tyler Knight, I immediately wanted to get our CBD brands involved.

“I have been in the cannabis and CBD industry for over seven years now, and I know how hard it is to market CBD and cannabis brands online.

“The Herbfluence platform is truly an industry game-changer, and I couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity to work with Tyler and the Herbfluence team.”