Cannabis user told cops scales were for measuring sugar for his tea

A 34-year-old Irish man caught with cannabis worth €1,000 claimed scales discovered during a raid were for weighing sugar to put in his tea.

Brian Davis, from Dublin, admitted possessing cannabis for his own personal use at Dublin District Court but denied he was selling it.

Gardaí searched his home in July 2016 and found resin in a
shopping bag and inside a black bin liner found stuffed in a football boot.

Davis told officers the scales in his bedroom were there because he liked to know exactly how much sugar and salt to put in his tea and food, reports the Irish Independent.

The defendant claimed he liked to weight the exact amount of sugar for his tea

He said: “I like to know exactly how much is going into
my tea or dinner.”

When Gardaí asked him why it wasn’t in the kitchen, where
tea and dinner are traditionally made, he replied he “just left it”
in the bedroom and said any suggestion it was for weighing drugs for sale was “a
load of b******s”.

A state solicitor said the story was “unbelievable”, and the evidence seized in the raid suggested a drugs “enterprise”.

Officers also found €580 in cash in a tin beneath the TV
cabinet, which Davis said was not from dealing but came from birthday gifts and

He said the drug, which he claimed he only paid €500 for, was for personal use, adding: “I smoke a lot of weed” as it “keeps me calm”.

Judge Paula Murphy found him guilty and adjourned the case
for a probation report.

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