UK grandma grows £500,000 worth of cannabis but avoids prison

A grandma from the seaside town of Newquay in the south west coast of the UK has been caught after producing £500,000 worth of cannabis.

The 71 year old grandma Linda Beck claimed that the cannabis plants were for horse bedding. She was found to have a 120 foot tunnel with water and an electric supply.

This was not the first time Beck had been caught either. In both 2007 and 2010 she as caught with hundreds of plants.

Despite the value of of the cannabis and her previous incriminations Beck has avoided a jail sentence but warned if she is caught again she faces prison time no matter her age.

Beck is looking after her ill husband and two other accomplices are awaiting to be sentenced in what was a commercial growing opeation.

Beck has received jail sentence of 14 months but it is suspended for two years.

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