Two Additional Americans Are Accused of Importing Cannabis from Los Angeles to London

On Wednesday, British law enforcement officials announced the arrest of two more Americans who allegedly transported cannabis from Los Angeles to London in their luggage.

Nine individuals were arrested the day before by the National Crime Agency of the United Kingdom for the alleged smuggling of 750 pounds (more than 340 kilogrammes) of cannabis worth $6.7 million (or £5.5 million).

With the latest arrests, the overall number of people apprehended at Heathrow Airport is 11, and the total amount of cannabis confiscated is more than 400 kilos, or roughly 880 pounds, according to a statement from the NCA.

Law enforcement will be paying more attention to travellers travelling between Los Angeles and London as a result of this extraordinary spate of seizures, NCA Heathrow Branch Commander Andy Noyes said.

We’re still digging into what happened here, but in the meantime, I want to make a personal plea to anyone who’s thinking of helping with a drug shipment bound for the UK. Consider the repercussions very carefully… In this case, the potential consequences are too high to justify the potential gain.

Between January 10 and 17, British authorities made all of their arrests and reported seizing between 30 and 47 kg of cannabis in each case.

Those detained prior to Tuesday are as follows: Kiara Lanee Malone, Sabrina Desiree Hobby, Zohrab Idzhyan, Anthony Sarkis Hoffman, Ara Janneh, Madani Ba Jr., Dana Ree Freeman, Kerri Marie Hall, and Zered Afuhia-I-Moana Akolo.

On Tuesday, police apprehended two additional Americans; a man and a woman, both 34, were detained, but neither of their names has been made public.

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