The First Legal Marijuana Vending Machine Has Just Been Installed in Denver, Colorado!

Marijuana vending machine opens in Colorado

In Aurora, there is now the world’s first digital cannabis vending machine.

Denver-based cannabis retailer Terrapin has equipped its Aurora, Colorado, location at 11091 E. Mississippi Ave. with ACE, or the Automated Cannabis Experience.

Designed in collaboration with BMC Universal Technologies, Terrapin claims its new vending machine is the first of its kind to automatically package, live label, and dispense cannabis items in a way that is both legal and secure.

Consumers finish their transactions by scanning their identification cards, verifying their information on the screen, and then making a payment. A 38-by-30-inch glass allows customers to observe the bagging procedure.

A maximum of 1,152 goods, depending on their individual packing sizes, can be stored in ACE, according to Terrapin.

Throughout its five other Colorado locations, Terrapin will install more ACE machines.

According to Terrapin, the vending machine will facilitate quicker checkouts, free up budtenders to consult with more consumers, and allow for the creation of translations into multiple languages.

Terrapin’s CEO Chris Woods remarked, “Innovative solutions like ACE reflect the increasingly mainstream nature of the cannabis market.”

“Faster checkouts, more in-depth education and the capacity to communicate in different languages are just a few of the ways in which ACE benefits customers beyond just increasing sales. Companies in the cannabis sector need to adapt to the shifting tastes and expectations of their customers. ACE provides a revolutionary new option for buying cannabis for consumers.”

Trevor Vaughn, manager of licensing for the city of Aurora, was pleased to announce that they were supporting “innovation in business” by allowing Terrapin to install their state-of-the-art machinery in Aurora.

To ensure that only individuals who are legally able to use cannabis are purchasing these items, Terrapin has implemented this retail option with an automated layer of controls in addition to human verification, which the company calls “our utmost priority.”

BMC Universal Technologies president Robert Schwarz said, “As an established leader in the vending business, we have the production design, automation, and engineering skills essential to design and manufacture the vending machine of the future.”

“ACE is the first fully automated vending machine, revolutionizing the way consumers buy cannabis products. Although ACE is the first of its kind in the cannabis industry, we have successfully implemented dozens of other firsts in a wide variety of other fields, and we look forward to the growth of the cannabis retail market.”

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