Police: Monroe Co. Pursuit Accused Attempted To Swallow Joint And Throw Marijuana Out Of Car!

After allegedly attempting to consume a joint and throw marijuana out of an open car door while being pursued overnight, a guy was detained in Monroe County. Around 1:10 a.m. on Monday, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office claimed a car matching the subject’s vehicle description went past them as they prepared to serve an arrest warrant.

At the intersection of S. Fairfax Road and S. Walnut Street Pike, deputies attempted to pull the automobile over, but the driver evaded them. According to police, the motorist opened his car door during the chase and attempted to throw Marijuana onto S. Walnut.

The automobile stopped when both of its front tires lost air pressure after the spikes were released. According to the police, the driver, 54-year-old Stephen Bell, was apprehended and put into custody. As it turned out, neither he nor the car’s registered owner was the subject of the arrest warrant.

During the chase, Bell attempted to ingest a “Marijuana cigarette,” for which he was transported to the hospital. He was later granted freedom and lodged in the Monroe County Detention Center. Bell was first accused of resisting law police, interfering with the administration of justice, dealing in a controlled substance, driving recklessly, and possessing marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

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